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2016 Residential Utility Services are now being billed on 2016 Property Tax Notices

The City of Williams lake advises that residential billing for water and sewer utility services has changed. Residential utility services will now be billed on the annual property tax notice. This change will save our customers and staff the time and expense of paying and processing up to 10,000 transactions a year.

Non-residential customers are metered for water use and will still be billed on a bi-monthly basis.

Owners of residential rental properties may need to update their arrangements with their tenants.

Utility pre-authorized payment plans have been cancelled.

If you are part of a mortgage loan payment plan for property taxes, please contact your bank to discuss having your payments increased to cover the annual utility service fees as well.

If you are not part of a property tax payment plan with a bank, you may with to consider signing up with the City for a property tax pre-authorized payment plan. These payment plans help to spread the cost of property taxes and utility services over 12 months.

2016 Property Tax Notices are expected to be mailed out the last week in May!

Contact the municipal office at 250-392-2311 if you don't receive yours.


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Williams Lake City Council is committed to the established Strategic Priority Areas within the “Imagine Our Future” Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, Social Well-Being, Resilient Economy, World Class Recreation, Lively Downtown, Cherished Local Ecosystems, Affordable Housing and Lively Neighborhood’s, Distinctive Arts and Culture, Partnering with First Nations, Active and Convenient Transportation and Local Food and Agriculture.

It is the objective of Williams Lake City Council to operate an efficient and self-sufficient municipality while maintaining a well-serviced, safe, livable and sustainable community. Our focus is to provide maximum efficiency and reasonable taxation, while also making provision for future infrastructure and service needs.

The City of Williams Lake is committed to sound financial management of its operations, debt, reserve balances and addressing our ageing municipal infrastructure. The City will effectively plan and steward the continuance of healthy fiscal management on these issues for current and future generations.

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Accounts Payable

Handles all disbursements/payments on behalf of the City. This would include payment of invoices for goods and services received, prepayments, municipal contributions, contract holdbacks, expense disbursements, transfers, recurring payments and refunds.

Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting


The Director of Finance is responsible for designing and implementing adequate financial controls for the City's accounting functions, thereby ensuring the integrity of all financial transactions.

The Financial Planning, Analysis, and Reporting responsibilities are administered  by the Director of Finance who is the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the City's Operating, Utility, Airport and Capital budgets. The Chief Financial Officers focus is to administer these processes within the legislative requirements to meet the needs of the community, City Council, other governing bodies and other City departments. The Chief Financial Officer is also responsible for financial reporting to both internal and external customers that include City's audited financial statements and Annual Report.  
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The Payroll Section administers the pay function for City employees in accordance with the collective agreement and policies which are in effect. As of April 1, 2016 there are currently 189 employees on the payroll system, divided into the groups below.

▪IUOE Local 882B (City employees) ... 124 
▪Exempt Employees (Salary and Contracted) ... 12 
▪Exempt Employees(Volunteer Fire Fighters) ... 46 
▪Elected Members of Council (indemnities) ... 7

Purchasing/ Stores

The Purchasing Section purchases and secures materials, supplies, equipment and services required by the City including contracts for all non-inventory items, construction contracts and consulting services.

The Stores section  purchases and maintains all inventory requirements and associated products for Public Works operations including automotive and garage-related supplies.The City's central stores is located at 555 Second Avenue. 
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Risk Management

The Risk Management section supports the organizations identification, managing, controlling or transferring of risks associated to the City's assets, programs and operations and ensures that accidental losses are effectively managed and funded. 


Taxation includes the collection of City revenues, including property taxes; annual residential utility (water, sewer, garbage/recycling) charges and metered utility billings; grants-in-lieu of taxes; provincial homeowner grants; local improvement charges;  and the payment of taxes collected for other taxing authorities.

Financial Services provides information to the public regarding property assessments, property taxes, utility charges, account balances and property tax deferment.
2015 Tax Rates per $1000 of Assessed Value
How to Read Your 2016 Tax Notice
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Treasury and Financial Services

The City has established guidelines and procedures within the framework of the Community Charter for the placement of City funds. The Finance Department manages highly cyclical cash flows ensuring adequate funds are available to fulfill the strategic plans and initiatives undertaken by the City. Additionally, all sources and inflows of revenues are identified and allocated to key capital projects. Technological efficiencies introduced over the last few years have enabled the Finance Department to streamline procedures and offer value added services to customers.
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