Developing 2018 Budget

Public Consultation / Meetings to discuss 2018 budget and 2018-2022 financial plan

The public observed and participated in the City Council's budget meetings as Council members began discussions on the 2018 budget and 2018-2022 financial plan. 

The Committee of the Whole Council met on November 14 to discuss 2018-2028 capital budget, grants in aid and fee for service agreements and on November 28 and December 12 to discuss City's operational budget (preliminary budget documents that were discussed are presented on this web page). 

The discussions continued in 2018 to finalise the budget and set property tax rates (The Committee of the Whole Council discussed 2018 budget and capital plan on February 22, March 5, 12 and 13, 2018). On March 20, 2018 the Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2275, 2018 was introduced and read three times.
The City Council initially targeted a 0% tax increase for 2018, but after crunching the numbers, is now proposed 1.9% tax rate increase to address rising policing costs and to do more paving of city roads and streets. 

In 2018, in addition to seeking public feedback at the Council meetings, the City has expanded its public engagement platform by launching a new online budget tool. This interactive tool allows residents to see how their property tax dollars are planned to be spent and to provide valuable input on how they would like to spend their tax dollars on programs and services in our community. The interactive budget tool can be found at
Residents are also encouraged to take a look at the City’s budget presentations on this web page (to be added, as information is presented to the City Council). The budget and expenses for all City departments and divisions to be presented as well as the City's capital plans. Residents will also see the 2018 budget and revisions as Council deliberates and makes decisions in the coming weeks and months.
If you would like to leave a comment on the City's 2018 budget for City Council, please e-mail us a message, stating your name and Williams Lake address (anonymous comments or comments from non-residents will not be presented to Council).