Streets & Parks

Streets Section
The Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all paved and unpaved city streets, roads and lanes. 

Primary operations performed by this division include; pothole patching, crack sealing, shouldering, ditching, grading, street sweeping, sidewalk maintenance, wheelchair ramp installations, snow and ice control, sign maintenance (2800 signs), etc. 
Public Works street sweeper
General Information About Our Streets
Currently there are 250 lane kilometres (155 miles) of paved streets, 45 lane kilometres (28 miles) of unpaved streets and lanes. 

You, the pedestrian and motoring traffic, play a vital part in communicating to the City situations that you have noticed and feel are a concern. Even if you feel the concern is minuscule, it should still be reported and allow the City to assess the concern or situation. 

Examples of concerns you should report are stop signs and yield signs, etc. that have been knocked over or leaning, cracks in sidewalks that may cause a tripping hazard, potholes, slippery conditions, vandalism, etc.
Parks Section
The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City parks and the River Valley Trail. 

Primary operations performed by this division include litter pickup, parks washroom maintenance and sanitization, grass cutting, irrigation, parks and playground equipment inspections, downtown beautification, communities in bloom, etc. 
Botanical Park Entrance
General Information About Our Parks
The city takes great pride in the appearance of its parks and trails and encourages all park users to bring forth ideas and concerns that may enhance their appearance and safety. 

The city performs litter pickup and parks washroom maintenance and sanitization a minimum of twice daily. If you should notice that any of the City Park amenities need attention, please do not hesitate to call the city and voice your concern as the city values your input.

Some of the concerns you should call and report are broken glass, playground equipment abuse, broken or malfunctioning playground equipment, foreign objects, etc. 
Contact Us
If problems are encountered from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., please call 250.392.2311.

If problems are encountered during off-hours, please call the emergency number at 250.392.5255 and report your concern.