Communities In Bloom

What Is Communities In Bloom?Flowers
Communities in Bloom is a non-profit Canadian organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of a friendly competition. National beautification programs have flourished in Europe, including England, France & Ireland, for decades, and were the inspiration for Communities in Bloom, It began in 1995 with 29 Canadian communities and has grown to include hundreds of participating communities in the Provincial and National programs.

Building our Community
Williams Lake has been involved with the Communities in Bloom program since 1997.  The results for us locally have been nothing short of miraculous.  I'm sure everyone would agree that the improvements to our City have been outstanding.  You can't help but feel a sense of pride each and every time you drive into the City and see how beautiful it has become.  

Together, we have dusted off our boots, put on the polish and turned our dusty cow town into a provincial and nationalFlowers in Carriertreasure.  Tourists agree and can't wait to tell their friends about the small northern community that just glows with pride. 

In the words of the CIB founder, Raymond Carriere, "Communities in Bloom is primarily about educating people by demonstrating that when they take pride in their environment and become involved in appearance, maintenance, and development, they will enrich the quality of their own lives and those of their neighbours.  Together, they make our communities better places to live, work in and visit." 

Communities In Bloom Committee
For more information on how to get involved please call City Hall at 250.392.2311