Property Taxes

Annual property taxes are one of the largest revenue sources for the City, and are critical to providing programs and services in the community.

Property Tax Notices are usually mailed out last week of May.

Contact the municipal office at 250-392-2311 if you don't receive yours.

Residential Utility Services are now billed on Property Tax Notices.

Residential billing for water, sewer utility and landfill services will be billed on the annual property tax notice. This will save our customers and staff the time and expense of paying and processing up to 10,000 transactions a year.

Non-residential customers are metered for water use and will still be billed on a bi-monthly basis.

Paying your property taxes

Property taxes are due on
July 2 of the year. A 10% penalty will be applied to unpaid account balance, including any unclaimed home owner grant.

Property owners may consider signing up with the City for a property tax pre-authorised payment plan. The payment plan helps to spread the cost of property taxes and utility services over 12 months.

Home Owner Grant

The Home Owner Grant may reduce the amount of property taxes paid for principal residence. Follow this link to see who qualifies and how to apply for this grant.

Defer Your Property Taxes

Once you receive your property tax notice, you may be able to apply for a low interest loan to pay your current year property taxes on your principal residence. Follow this link to see who qualifies and how to apply.