Pro-D Day Camps

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex will host an all-day Pro-D Day Camp on designated Professional Development days. These all-day programs are outside of our regular Rec & Roll program and therefore are considered un-licensed.

In addition to sports, activities and games, our program includes adventures and independent play. Under the guidance of reliable, caring individuals, we offer a safe and stimulating environment. Our values-based instruction allows children to enhance teamwork and build social skills while having fun!

Pro-D Days

Date Day Cost Registration Opens
Sept 25, 2020 Friday $48 Aug 19th, 2020
Oct 23, 2020 Friday $48 Aug 19th, 2020
Feb 12, 2021 Friday $48 Aug 19th, 2020
April 23, 2021 Friday $48 Aug 19th, 2020
May 14, 2021 Friday $48 Aug 19th, 2020


The Pro-D Day Camps will be run as a regular Recreation Program through the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex. Registration must be done using our Perfect Mind System or by calling the facility at 250.398.7665