COVID-19 Procedures

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex has enacted a number of new policies and procedures to ensure the safety and health of all our patrons and staff. We ask that you please take a moment to review some of our requirements when visiting the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex.

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Face Masks

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex requires that you wear a Face Mask at all times in our common areas when visiting the facility. Face masks may be removed when using the ice rinks, pool & dressing rooms.

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Arena Dressing Rooms

The Arena dressing rooms have a limited number of users at any one time. Due to the confined space, all user groups of the arenas must take note of these limits and adhere to them. Furthermore, Arena dressing rooms can only be accessed 15minutes before and after your scheduled ice time.

Dressing Room Limit Large (3)

Spectator Exit

Our COVID-19 policies require that spectators follow our clearly signed exit signs to leave both Rink #1 and Rink #2 through the appropriate exits.

Physical Distancing

All users must ensure that they are keeping physically distant from all other patrons. Please adhere to all the posted signs and spacers and do not sit where seating has been blocked to ensure adequate spacing.

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Hot Spots User Limits

The Hot Spots at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex have user limits that all patrons must be aware of. The Sauna has a limit of 2 users, the Steam Room has a limit of 3 users and the Hot Pool has a limit of 4 users.

Aquatic Centre User Limits

There is a general user limit to each pool in the Aquatic Centre. The Leisure Pool will only allow 26 users at a time, the Lap Pool will only allow 21 users at a time.

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Fitness Centre Sanitation

Please ensure that you thoroughly wipe down each piece of equipment both before and after use, with the provided sanitation spray and paper towels.

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General Entry

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex would like to ensure that all patrons who enter the facility feel healthy and are free of COVID-19 symptoms.