Were other options for changes to the pool considered?
Throughout 2012, a Pool Task Force consisting of numerous community members guided an extensive facility review and provided multiple public consultation opportunities. The consultations included multiple interviews with numerous community organization and stakeholder groups, on-line input opportunities, two open houses, and several days of information kiosks that were set up around town at high profile locations during which time the Pool Task Force spoke directly with hundreds of members of the public each day. This process allowed all to consider several design concepts ranging from only minor repairs to a completely new facility and the resulting preferred concept is a direct outcome from those consultations. The recommended design from the Pool Task Force is the project to be considered by the referendum, and it received very strong support at committee meetings, open houses and all community input opportunities.

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1. What are the proposed renovations and upgrades to the pool?
2. Why are these upgrades proposed?
3. What benefits are provided by the proposed upgrades?
4. What is the cost of the proposed upgrades?
5. What is the effect on property taxes?
6. Can the current main pool tank just be repaired rather than replaced?
7. Were other options for changes to the pool considered?
8. Will the pool be closed for a long time?
9. When would the project happen?
10. Will there be further public input into design?
11. Will there be an increase in operating cost after the proposed upgrades?
12. How will the project be paid for?
13. What is the area effected by the tax increase?
14. What is the cost of sub-regional recreation taxes now?
15. When is the referendum?
16. What will the referendum question be?
17. Who will be eligible to vote?
18. What happens if the referendum fails?
19. Where can I get more information?
20. Is there grant funding available from the provincial and federal governments for the project?
21. Will the new pools have improved water quality?
22. Are the City and CRD promoting the project?
23. How will cost overruns on the project be avoided?