How to I get nominated?

Candidates must be nominated by two qualified resident electors to run for Mayor OR Councillor. Nomination packages for Mayor and Councillor will be available as of [DATE TBD], 2026 from the Corporate Services office at City Hall, 2nd Floor, 450 Mart Street, during regular office hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Nomination packages for School Board Trustee will be available from School District No. 27. Nominations for Mayor and Councillor must be filed with the Chief Election Officer or the Deputy Chief Election Officer at City Hall and will only be accepted between 9:00 AM on [DATE TBD], 2026 and 4:00 PM on [DATE TBD], 2026. A nomination deposit is not required.

See Division 6, Sections 86 to 91 of the Local Government ActCity of Williams Lake "General Local Government Election Bylaw No. 2364, 2022" for more information.

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