Protective Services


The Team

The WLFD maintains a roster of 43 members; 3 career and 40 paid on-call. All of our Firefighters are trained to NFPA 1001 standards, with our officers all actively progressing toward completion of a minimum Fire Officer 1 training standard.

Williams Lake Fire Response and Operations

Almost every function of the WLFD is based around supporting our response when we get an emergency call-out and our pagers go off. The WLFD is dispatched through a pager system originating from Prince George Fire Dispatch-911 Emergency. All 40 members carry a pager and are expected to attend as many call-outs as possible, while also balancing their regular lives and work schedules. Fire Prevention, Incident Command, Fire Training, maintenance of equipment and Emergency Management are all mechanisms that are put in place to support our response when we hear the tone!

History of Williams Lake Fire Department

The Williams Lake Fire Department (WLFD) was formed in 1929 and incorporated in 1930. Over the years our department has been lucky enough to have incredible support from our community.  Our membership is made up of some extremely dedicated individuals that take great pride in being a part of the history of the WLFD. 
 The first motorized pumper was acquired in 1947. This truck, a 1947 Chevrolet Maple Leaf, now owned and maintained by the Williams Lake Firefighter’s Association is now housed in newly constructed dedicated showroom outside the fire hall. This structure was built thanks to generous donations from the community, contributions from the City of Williams Lake, and by our very own membership. The WLFD members make every attempt to contribute to the community, through attendance in local parades, numerous charity drives, and at any other event where we can assist.


Free tours of the Fire Hall are available by appointment. Please book at least 1 week ahead, ask for Cory Boyd when setting up your visit.

Fire Chief History

Term Fire Chief
1929-1930 Bob Blair
1930-1957 Claude Huston
1957-1964 Sid Pigeon
1964-1965 Hank Fort
1965-1988 Marce Poirier (first paid on call personnel)
1988-2008 Dale Moon
2008-2013 Randy Isfeld
2013-2018 Des Webster
2018-2022 Erick Peterson
2022-Present Evan Dean


Type Call Sign
Fast Attack Truck Engine 11
Triple Combination Pumper Engine 12
Triple Combination Pumper Engine 14
75' Ladder Apparatus Ladder 11
2500 Gallon Tanker Tender 11
1500 Gallon Tanker Tender 12
2011 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Chief-1
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4
2018 Ford F-150 4x4
24' Hazmat Trailer N/A
16' Structure Protection Unit N/A
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