Developing 2023 Budget

Public Consultation / Meetings to discuss 2023 financial plan

The public is invited to observe and encouraged to participate in the public consultation and budget meetings as City Council began discussions of the 2023 budget and 2023-2027 financial plan. 

The Committee of the Whole Council (COWC) met on August 23, 2022 to discuss proposed Budget 2023 and Five Year Financial Plan development timeline and budget direction. The timeline was also discussed by Council on August 30, 2022 with Council directing budget development steps and targets.

The preliminary 2023 budget (operating and capital), 5-year departmental financial plans and 10-year capital plan will be presented for public consultation during COWC meetings on November 29, 2022, January 31, 2023 and February 7, 2023. The Public and the Council reviewed the proposed preliminary budget / plans. The budget discussions will continue in 2023 to finalize the Financial Plan and Tax Rate Bylaws.

Budget documents discussed will be presented on this web page (as they are developed). The budget and expenses for all City departments and divisions will be presented as well as the City's capital plan. These documents would be periodically revised, as Council deliberates and makes budget decisions.

If you would like to to express your views or pose questions directly to City Council regarding the City's 2023 budget and financial plans, please attend one of the public budget meetings or e-mail us a message, stating your name and Williams Lake address (anonymous comments or comments from non-residents will not be presented to Council). You also invited to attend the financial plan public consultation meetings .




2023 Budget Documents