Building Permits

The City issues building & plumbing permits. Other permits involving gas and electrical inspections are the responsibility of the builder.

You must obtain a permit before you begin your project. In most cases, both a development permit and building permit are required. In some cases, only a building permit is required.

To confirm whether your project requires a building and/or plumbing permit, please contact the Planning & Development department.

Generally a building permit is required when you want to:

  • Construct a new home
  • Construct a new accessory building such as a garage or storage shed
  • Construct an addition to or remodel an existing building
  • Construct a commercial, industrial, or public use building
  • Undertake any structural work such as interior partitions
  • Enclose a porch or roof over a sundeck
  • Enclose a carport 
  • Construct a retaining wall where the retaining wall is to be constructed between the owner's property and any highway, lane, walkway or property which is owned by the City
  • Build a swimming pool
  • Locate a manufactured home
  • Demolish a building
  • Install a sign
Permit Not Required for a Fence
A Building Permit is not required for the construction of a fence, however; the Zoning Bylaw contains regulations pertaining to the maximum height and location where fences may be constructed. 

Building permit application forms are downloadable, located to the left of this text. Complete and submit your form to Planning & Development along with two sets of detailed construction drawings.