Building Permit Application Forms

In order to ensure that your application is successful on the first try, and to give you a helping hand with preparing all necessary documents, we have provided a Building Permit Checklist for you to download and utilize.

Application for a Building Permit

The first step is to download an Application for a Building Permit.

After completing the application you can fax it to 250-392-4408 or mail it to / drop it off at:
City of Williams Lake
450 Mart St.
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1N3

Application Requirements

To apply for a Building Permit, 2 sets of building plans for residential and smaller buildings, and 3 sets for commercial, industrial, or larger scale projects are to be submitted with a completed Building Permit Application. These plans shall show all details necessary to complete the project, but are not limited to the following: 

Where an application for a building falls within Part 3 of the BC Building Code Standard Letters of Assurance must be submitted by all registered professionals (architect and engineer) with sealed drawings. 

All applications for new residential units, except manufactured homes, are to be accompanied with a warranty in accordance with the Home Owner Protection Act. 
Application Evaluation & Review
The Planning & Engineering Department is responsible to accept, process and authorize the issuance of all Building Permits. The Building Permit Application is reviewed in the following manner: 
  • The Applicant meets with the Building Official who ensures there are the appropriate number and type of plans to accompany the Building Permit Application.
  • The Applicant submits plans to the Building Inspection Department and Consultants’ Letters of Assurance where appropriate.
  • The application is reviewed by the Licence Inspector who determines whether the building contractor has a current valid Business License.
  • The application is then reviewed and checked in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw for such items as:
    • Proposed use
    • Density
    • Building height
    • Building setbacks
    • Floor space ratio
    • Site coverage
    • Off-street parking
    • Off-street loading
    • Landscaping, screening and fencing
    • Accessory buildings
  • The Planning and Engineering function reviews the application in relation to:
    • Development permit areas
    • Restrictive covenants - State of Title Certificate required
    • Civic address and mail service
    • Easements and Statutory right-of-ways
    • Water courses
    • Lot consolidation
    • Land use contracts
    • Applicable development cost charges
    • Access criteria
    • On-site and off-site servicing
    • Service record card
  • Requirements for off-site improvements pursuant to Section 989(4)(b) of the Local Government Act
  • The Building Official consults with the Operations Department who approve the design and location of the garbage disposal system.
  • The Building Official is responsible to discuss the Building Permit Application with the Applicant to ensure the conditions involved with either the Permit approval or rejection are clarified. If the permit is rejected the Inspector will provide the reasons for the refusal in writing. The Building Official will also provide all the details concerning the fees and charges concerning your Building Permit. The Building Official is responsible for the coordination, processing and issuance of the following permits:
    • Building Permit
    • Plumbing Permit
    • Sign Permit
    • Sprinkler Permit
    • Demolition Permit

Building Department Forms: