The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex offers drop in classes at various times throughout the week. These classes are an effective workout that offers both cardio and strength training all at once. Gentle on joints, these classes are ideal for those new to exercise, feeling the effects of again or recovering from an injury.

Drop in class admission is included in monthly and yearly Fitness Passes. Admission can also be purchased one at a time or in a discounted group of ten.
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Benefits of Aquafit

Aquafit in the pool is a great way to add variety to your fitness routine.  Improved muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness are two of the many benefits.  Aquafit offers an amazing low-impact, head-to-toe workout for beginners, seasoned and people recovering from injuries.

Water provides resistance in multiple directions, with hydrostatic pressure exerted equally on all surfaces of the body. Movement in side-to-side or forward-backward direction meets equal resistance working opposing muscle groups equally. This means the muscles in the front of the leg work when lifted forward and the muscles in the back of the leg work when lifted behind.

Participants will burn more calories exercising in the water than exercising on land. A one hour aquafit class burns nearly 400 calories, comparable to jogging at a pace of six to eight minutes per kilometer for the same length of time.

Please contact the instructors for exercise modifications to fit your specific needs.