Subdivision Permits

Subdivision of property is a process that includes:

• Adjusting or realigning an existing property line;
• Creating several properties from one or more existing properties ;
• Creating bare land strata lots from one or more existing properties; and
• In some cases, leases of 3 years or more may require a subdivision approval.

Subdivisions are considered by the City of Williams Lake Approving Officer.

Approval for subdivision is needed to ensure that the community's standards are met with regard to:

•    Conformance with the Official Community Plan and other City plans;
•    Conformance with Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw;
•    Size and shape of lots, and adequacy of buildable area;
•    Adequacy of roads, lanes and emergency vehicle access;
•    Adequacy of open spaces and walkways;
•    Preservation of natural features like ravines, streams, trees;
•    Protection of views;
•    Compatibility of overall subdivision pattern with the neighbourhood;
•    Adequacy of sanitary sewer, water, drainage, street lights and other services; and
•    Protection of opportunity for future subdivisions for lands adjacent to or beyond the lands being subdivided.

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