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The Board of Variance

The Williams Lake Board of Variance consists of three (3) independent members of the public appointed by City Council.  It is the Board's responsibility to make a decision where an applicant wishes to vary a Zoning Bylaw regulation with regard to the siting, dimension or size of an existing building; or the siting of a mobile home in a mobile home park; or the prohibition of a structural alteration or addition to a non-conforming building.

Also, the Building Inspector's determination of building damage can be varied and sanctioned by the Board.

The Board deals with only minor variances and may not approve a variance that in the Board's opinion:

  • Results in the inappropriate development of the site;
  • Substantially affects the use and enjoyment of adjacent land;
  • Varies permitted uses and densities under the applicable Bylaw; and
  • Defeats the intent of the Bylaw.

The Board meets on-demand as applications are submitted.  There is a mandatory procedure for processing each application which City Administration must follow.  All property owners and occupiers adjacent to the land to which the application relates must be notified and given a specific time to respond or the opportunity to attend the Board meeting to present their concerns.  It normally takes 1-2 months between the time of application and the Board of Variance's decision.  The applicant can attend the Board meeting to explain his or her request.