Housing Incentive Program

Housing incentive program

Program Overview
The Northern Housing Incentive program provides grant funding to local governments to create a ‘Dollars to the Door’ program that will enhance and support economic development by incentivizing private sector housing developments. The Northern Housing Incentive program is intended to incentivize the creation of new market-based housing units in communities across Northern B.C., which will, in turn, retain seniors and attract workforce and thereby increase business and employment opportunities.

Funding Terms
Local governments are eligible to receive a grant of up to $10,000 per dwelling created in a multi-unit market housing project to a maximum contribution of $200,000.

Project Eligibility
In order to qualify for funding the project shall meet the following criteria;

  • Addresses a specific need identified with the community’s housing needs assessment
  • Project(s) consist of the construction of a minimum of 4 new self-contained residential dwelling units
  • Self-contained dwelling units may be created in new construction
  • Conversion of a commercial/institutional building or other non-residential property into new housing units
  • Renovations to existing housing units are ineligible
  • Projects where rent or sale value of the applicable units is subsidized by any government entity, a non-profit organization or a cooperative are ineligible for this program
  • Projects are shovel ready upon confirmation of funding, meaning all necessary bylaw amendments have been completed 
  • Applications where the community’s housing incentive program policy require a developer commitment to the applicable performance requirements of the BC Energy Step Code will receive priority over those that do not
  • Construction must be completed and the occupancy permit awarded within two years of the approval date
  • Construction starting prior to formal notification of approval from Northern Development is ineligible

NDIT Northern Housing Incentive Policy and Application Form

Further information can be found on the Northern Development Initiative Trust website at: https://www.northerndevelopment.bc.ca/funding-programs/housing-programs/northern-housing-incentive/