Flexible Fitness


The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex has added FlexFit to its program offerings. This is in addition to the already familiar DropIn, and Registered Programming. Not sure if FlexFit is right for you? Check out the information below to help you make the best choice for your fitness. 

Adult Fitness Options

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex wants you to choose the fitness options that work best for your lifestyle.

That is why we provide you with three great options:

  1. Drop-in Fitness: An economical option where you can use your membership or passes to experience a variety of water and land-based classes such as drop-in aquafit or drop-in yoga. Typically we offer 2-3 included classed each day on the drop in schedule. 
  2. Registered Fitness: Enjoy a program where you commit to a specialized fitness program that runs approximately 6-8 weeks. This type of programming is not included in your membership and is an additional lump sum fee paid before the first session you attend. 
  3. Flexible Fitness: Similar to registered fitness classes – with programming running a set number of weeks BUT you can pick and choose which weeks to attend based on your schedule. You only pay for the weeks you plan to attend and can add weeks whenever you like (if space is left in the class). This is a great option for shift workers, those with kids, and other commitments. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.) What is the best choice of fitness for someone who comes in often, is retired, or has a membership or fitness passes?

A.) The included drop in programming throughout each day is a great option if your looking to stay active! These options include aquafit, lunch hour fitness, and some evening and morning classes. 

Q.) Can I use my membership or drop-in passes to attend classes on the Drop-In program schedule?

A.) YES. You absolutely can. This type of class is included with all membership options including 1, 3, 6 month and annual passes, as well as free admission passes, 10 punch passes and individually purchased facility drop-ins.

Q.) I work a regular schedule with the same time free each week. What program option is best for me?

A.) Check out our drop-in schedule, registered programming, and FlexFit schedules to select the program that is best for you. All the options are available to you! You lucky duck. 

Q.) I work shift work and am only off every other week to attend a class – what should I pick?

A.) Great question! You can either Drop-In using your membership or passes when you can OR if a FlexFit program catches your eye… you can register for ONLY the classes that fit into your work schedule. 

Q.) Can I register for a registered class or FlexFit class after the classes have started?

A.) In most cases, yes! Enrolling after the first session is dependant on available space in the class but this is usually possible.  

Q.) Is late registration pro-rated?

A.) Yes! The only exception to this is our Community Sport programming and some specialty classes. But our registered fitness classes are pro-rated based on your registration date. 

Q.) If I enroll in a class, and decide it isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

A.) You can! There is a $10 withdrawal fee for registered and FlexFit programming. Your refund will be pro-rated to reflect sessions you have already attended or that have passed. 

Q.) I didn’t make it to last weeks class, can I get a refund?

A.) Unfortunately not. We make programming decisions based on registration and cannot refund you a class after the fact. If you aren’t sure you can commit regularly be sure to look into our FlexFit, and drop-in programming options so you can attend only when it works for you!

Q.) What happens if one of my classes is cancelled?

A.) Sometimes, due to unusual and unexpected circumstances we need to cancel a class – rest assured that any cancelled class will be refunded back to your account. This includes both FlexFit and Registered Classes. Please note – that as drop-In classes are included in your membership we cant offer a refund for these classes. 

Q.) I regularly attend Aquafit and would like to be notified of cancellations where possible

A.) We are so thrilled you are committed to your aquafit programming! Please contact the front desk at 250-398-7665 to be added to the notification list for cancellations of this drop-in class. We will do our best to notify you as soon as possible. 

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please call our front desk at 250-398-7665 for immediate assistance with your question. We look forward to seeing you in a program, soon!