What benefits are provided by the proposed upgrades?
The upgrades to the pool will increase the number and quality of swims for residents by adding a large amount of shallow, warm leisure water that is preferred by young children, families and seniors. Modern design features like a ‘lazy river’ will also be useful for rehabilitation therapy. The replacement of the main pool tank will include a water height to deck level for easy access as well as a ramp entry for persons with low mobility. The tank rebuild will permanently fix the pool leaks, which in turn will reduce costs for water treatment and chemicals. The addition of multi-purpose fitness space to a second floor will allow for a wide variety of activity programs and basic training equipment.

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1. What are the proposed renovations and upgrades to the pool?
2. Why are these upgrades proposed?
3. What benefits are provided by the proposed upgrades?
4. What is the cost of the proposed upgrades?
5. What is the effect on property taxes?
6. Can the current main pool tank just be repaired rather than replaced?
7. Were other options for changes to the pool considered?
8. Will the pool be closed for a long time?
9. When would the project happen?
10. Will there be further public input into design?
11. Will there be an increase in operating cost after the proposed upgrades?
12. How will the project be paid for?
13. What is the area effected by the tax increase?
14. What is the cost of sub-regional recreation taxes now?
15. When is the referendum?
16. What will the referendum question be?
17. Who will be eligible to vote?
18. What happens if the referendum fails?
19. Where can I get more information?
20. Is there grant funding available from the provincial and federal governments for the project?
21. Will the new pools have improved water quality?
22. Are the City and CRD promoting the project?
23. How will cost overruns on the project be avoided?