What are the benefits of a City of Williams Lake dog license?

  • Reunites dogs with the owner
  • Deliver public education programs
  • Help neighbors resolve their animal related conflicts
  • Your dog will spend less time in the shelter which reduces stress and minimizing the risk of contracting a disease
  • Protection from dangerous dogs
  • Educate dog owners about responsible ownership
  • Warm shelter and care for the dogs
  • Investigation of dog attacks
  • Encourages population control and reduced licensing fees encourage owners to spay/neuter pets
  • It is a way for the city to get a better understanding of the number of dog owners throughout the city. With accurate information on the number of dogs residing in particular areas, the city may be able to plan and provide for various dog owner needs, such as municipal dog parks and spay/neuter initiatives.
  • It is a way to prove ownership of your dog. Unfortunately, dogs like any other property can be stolen. Licensing gives you a way to prove that your dog belongs to you. You can increase your chances of having your dog returned to you by providing your dog’s breed, sex and other identifying features (tattoos, microchips etc) when you license.

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3. What are the benefits of a City of Williams Lake dog license?
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